Wildlife Friends, we will soon see again!

Hummingbirds & Flowers
Yellow-spotted salamander; On a Spring night, near Lake Buel in Monterey, MA you might come upon folks with flashlights stopping traffic so the salamanders can cross the road!
From Wikipedia: During the majority of the year, Spotted Salamanders live in the shelter of leaves or burrows in deciduous forests. However, when the temperature rises and there is a higher moisture level, the salamanders make their abrupt migration towards their annual breeding pond. In just one night, hundreds to thousands of salamanders may make the trip to their ponds for mating. Mates usually breed in ponds when it's raining in the spring.
Mr. Porcupine, trying to hide from me!

I've actually already seen a chip or two running around on the snowbanks!
Soon to be Butterfly!
And we can't forget the bears... they will be waking up SOON!

All photographs ©JanBoultsPhotography

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