The Bears are Back!

~We had our first Black Bear visitor last night, March 18th!~

Lumbering through the yard at dusk, was a black bear, a male with a large round head, (females have a pointed, narrower head), about 400 pounds or more! He was huge, healthy looking with a beautiful shiny coat, and he was hungry. Sitting under the birdfeeders, he wasn't leaving, even with all the yelling and bell clanging. I have an old ship's bell on my porch, which I ring with gusto when the bears show up - it is the 'neighborhood bear alert' bell. This bear wasn't scared; he would run a few yards, then come right back. Time now, to take in all the birdfeeders folks, unless you want these visitors on a daily basis.

It was too dark for me to get a photo of last night's visitor, all that you can see are two glowing spots in the dark. Below are pictures of past bear visitors.


Naturedigital said...

Amazing photographs.. You are very lucky to have captured these..

Pauline said...

No bears in the backyard here yet but plenty of coyotes on the prowl and howl